Simplify social payments.

Tribbe™ helps you manage money between you and your family, friends and social circles without the awkwardness that comes with it. #mytribbemyvibe

We work with the best of them:

Track it all

Your money, now crystal clear. With Tribbe™, gain full transparency on where and to whom your money flows. It’s time to ensure your money is working just as hard for you.

Get Ai genius

AI is here to elevate your financial journey. Harness its power as a personal financial manager (PFM) on Tribbe™ to amplify your earnings and bring your ideas to life.

Build circles

Tired of juggling all those WhatsApp fundraising groups? Tribbe™ seamlessly tracks and manages them, keeping you ontop of your money. Simplify, organize, and thrive.

Do chamas

Chamas* have been the cornerstone of communities for generations. We’ve modernized it, bringing it into the 21st century, ready to fuel your next big venture.

Start your journey Build your Tribbe
Start your journey Build your Tribbe
Start your big money journey Build your Tribbe
Start your big money journey Build your Tribbe

It’s rough out here. You need to seize your moment and grasp your future. Tribbe™ doesn’t just manage your money; you’re fostering circles, nurturing your dream and building a legacy. It’s more than finance; it’s a movement.

Pay your friends

How many people have you ‘lent’ money too that have not paid you back yet? Tribbe helps you manage those payments and gives everyone a reason to pay you back.

Split the bill

Having lunch with your crew, or on a road trip with the girls or out for drinks with your friends? Tribbe helps you split the bill easily, and you can pay now or later.

It's A.i. powered

You can’t keep up with all the payments? Let your PFM help. A PFM is a Personal Financial Manager and Tribbe’s FLAMI is your new bestie.

What your Tribbe can do for you

No-one has built successful things alone. No matter what you hear, no-one has! Being able to build good relationships, so that when you need money they work for you is everything. It’s either that or a high interest bank loan or Shylock, which just don’t work for us. So how do you build a solid financial relationship? Well…

Seize your moment, grasp your future. With Tribbe™, you’re not just managing money; you’re fostering your circles, nurturing your dream, and building a legacy. It’s more than finance; it’s a movement. This is who Tribbe is built for 👇🏾

for you

for two

for gigs

fund raise

the hustle

your crew

the fam

One click away

We are about to go live and we would like you to be our early adopter. It comes with perks and fantastic gifts.

Feel the thrill of being ahead of the curve.

Our early access spots are few, so get in while you can, then you can bring just 10 of your best people into your Tribbe™.

Then get your bags and your attitude ready to #beunstoppable 💚


This is a journey where your financial dreams know no bounds. With Tribbe, you’re not just managing money, you’re building a legacy, fostering community, and pioneering a financial revolution. Together, we are crafting a future where every aspiration is within reach, where your financial circles empower you to achieve more, and where your growth is unstoppable. Join Tribbe Nation, and #BeUnstoppable

Tribbe™ and Tribbe Nation™ is are products of The Tribbe Nation Ltd, a software house building technology that brings simplicity and dignity to social finance in Africa.

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