Fin-clusion in 6 steps!

Where you are at right now... the (average) number of people that you have “lent” cash too and have not paid you back. With low repayment rates like these, they hardly inspire confidence.

Let's give this a shot..

With a hesitant heart, you take the first step into Tribbe, and you bring your crew with you and lend to 6 people.

And it works..

You get your money back! And so you do it again. 15 people even. And you get some money from Tribbe yourself.

Your Tribbe grows to..

You’re giving, you’re getting. You’re in chamas and circles. Financial inclusion is looking real to you. You can save, fund your friends, be funded by them, split the bill, or join any circle you want. It’s working.

Your circles and chamas

You save money. You invest through your chamas. You send less on digital loans interest rates and you build relationships where money isn’t an awkward topic. Life doesn’t get easy, but it is manageable. Because you have a Tribbe now.

This is your tribbe.
Welcome to the other side of Financial inclusion. Where your dream is real, and your community backs you. This is Tribbe

It's about being seen.

In the existing financial landscape, many individuals, particularly the energetic and innovative Gen Z population, find themselves excluded from formal financial systems, unable to secure funds to pursue opportunities or start ventures. This scenario, characterized by stifled dreams and scant rewards, is unfortunately prevalent. However, the concept of financial inclusion aims to transform this narrative by establishing a conduit between ambition and opportunity, fostering a space where efforts are rewarded and dreams are attainable. It emphasizes removing obstacles and fostering growth and progress by recognizing and nurturing potential. Tribbe is committed to actualizing financial inclusion, striving to empower every young dreamer and innovator to be truly unstoppable in their pursuits.


This is a journey where your financial dreams know no bounds. With Tribbe, you’re not just managing money, you’re building a legacy, fostering community, and pioneering a financial revolution. Together, we are crafting a future where every aspiration is within reach, where your financial circles empower you to achieve more, and where your growth is unstoppable. Join Tribbe Nation, and #BeUnstoppable

Tribbe™ and Tribbe Nation™ is are products of The Tribbe Nation Ltd, a software house building technology that brings simplicity and dignity to social finance in Africa.

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